Miniaturisation pour la Synthèse, l’Analyse et la Protéomique (MSAP) UAR 3290

Publications 2022

Najib, Mustapha; Bray, Fabrice; Khelissa, Simon; Flament, Stephanie; Richard, Elodie; El Omari, Khaled; Rolando, Christian; Delaplace, Guillaume; Hamze, Monzer; Chihib, Nour-Eddine; ,”Effect of milk heat treatment on molecular interactions during the process of Qishta, a Lebanese dairy product”,International Dairy Journal,124,,105150,2022,Elsevier Vivier, Solange; Chepy, Aurélien; Bray, Fabrice; Guerrier, Thomas; Speca, Silvia; Flament, Stéphanie; Jendoubi, Manel; Balden, … Read more

Publications 2021

Le Guen, C., Mazzah, A., Penhoat, M., Melnyk, P., Rolando, C., & Chausset-Boissarie, L. (2021). Direct and Regioselective C (sp3)–H Bond Fluorination of 2-Alkylazaarenes with Selectfluor. Synthesis, 53(06), 1157-1162. Leclercq, E., Boddaert, M., Beaucamp, M., Penhoat, M., & Chausset-Boissarie, L. (2021). Electrochemical sulfonylation of imidazoheterocycles under batch and continuous flow conditions. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, … Read more

Publications 2020

Mahmoud, Z., Bray, F., Hubert-Roux, M., Sablier, M., Afonso, C., & Rolando, C. (2020). Regio-and Stereo-Specific Chemical Depolymerization of High Molecular Weight Polybutadiene and Polyisoprene for Their Analysis by High-Resolution Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry: Comparison with Pyrolysis-Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, Atmospheric Solid Analysis Probe, Direct Inlet Probe-Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization Mass … Read more

Publications 2019

Kajjout, M.; Lemmouchi, Y.; Jama, C.; Rolando, C.; Villasmunta, F.; Heinrich, F.; Mazzah, A., Grafting of amine functions on cellulose acetate fibers by plasma processing. Reactive and Functional Polymers 2019, 134, 40-48. Sensitized [2+2] intramolecular photocycloaddition of unsaturated enones using UV LEDs in a continuous flow reactor: kinetics and preparatives aspects, Nassim El Achi, Fabien … Read more

Publications 2018

Ferraz, M. A., Henning, H. H., Costa, P. F., Malda, J., Le Gac, D. I. S., Bray, F., … & Kraneburg, L. P. (2018). The Potential Health and Environmental Risks of 3D-engineered Polymers. Environmental Science & Technology Letters.DOI: 10.1021/acs.estlett.7b00495 Tetiana Dumych, Nao Yamakawa, Adeline Sivignon, Estelle Garenaux, Stefania Robakiewicz, Bernadette Coddeville, Antonino Bongiovanni, Fabrice Bray, … Read more

Publications 2017

BOUCLON, Julien, LE DANVIC, Chrystelle, GUETTIER, Elodie, et al. Identification of post-translational modifications on Odorant-Binding Protein isoforms from pig olfactory secretome by high-resolution mass spectrometry: O-beta-N-acetylglucosaminylation and phosphorylation. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2017, vol. 5, p. 142. Non-Uniform Sampling (NUS) Acquisition of two-dimensional (2D) FT-ICR MS for increased mass resolution of MS/MS precursor ions.Fabrice … Read more

Publications 2016

van Agthoven, M. A., Wootton, C. A., Chiron, L., Coutouly, M. A., Soulby, A., Wei, J., … & O’Connor, P. B. (2016). Two-dimensional mass spectrometry for proteomics, a comparative study with cytochrome c. Analytical chemistry, 88(8), 4409-4417. Sehgal, A. A., Pelupessy, P., Rolando, C., & Bodenhausen, G. (2016). Theory for spiralling ions for 2D FT-ICR … Read more

Publications 2015

Proteins in Art, Archaeology, and Paleontology: From Detection to Identification.Sophie Dallongeville, Nicolas Garnier, Christian Rolando, and Caroline Tokarski. December 28, 2015

Publications 2014

Maria A. van Agthoven, Lionel Chiron, Marie-Aude Coutouly, Akansha Ashvani Sehgal, Philippe Pelupessy, Marc-André Delsuc, Christian Rolando (2014) Optimization of the discrete pulse sequence for two-dimensional FT-ICR mass spectrometry using infrared multiphoton dissociation. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry. 370, 114-124. IF: 2.23. doi:10.1016/j.ijms.2014.06.019 2. Lionel Chiron, Maria A. van Agthoven, Bruno Kieffer, Christian Rolando, and … Read more

Publications 2013

van Agthoven MA, Delsuc M-A, Bodenhausen G, Rolando C (2013) Towards analytically useful two-dimensional Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 405 (1): 51-61. IF= 3,659. DOI10.1007/s00216-012-6422-8 Penhoat M (2013) Scope and limitations of a 1H NMR method for the prediction of substituted phenols pKa values in water, CH3CN, DMF, DMSO … Read more

Publications 2012

van Agthoven MA, Chiron L, Coutouly M-A, Delsuc M-A, Rolando C (2012) Two-dimensional ECD FT-ICR mass spectrometry of peptides and glycopeptides. Analytical Chemistry 84 (13): 5589-5595. IF= 5,895. DOI: 10.1021/ac3004874 Kajjout M, Zemmouri R, Eddarir S, Rolando C (2012) An efficient access to (Z)-β-fluoroallyl alcohols based on the two carbon homologation of aromatic aldehydes by … Read more

Publications 2011

Zemmouri R, Kajjout M, Castanet Y, Eddarir S, Rolando C (2011) Palladium-catalyzed stereoconvergent formylation of (E/Z)-β-bromo-β-fluorostyrenes: Straightforward access to (Z)-α-fluorocinnamic aldehydes and (Z)-β-fluorocinnamic alcohols. Journal of Organic Chemistry 76 (19): 7691-7698. IF= 4,564. DOI: 10.1021/jo200798h van Agthoven MA, Delsuc M-A, Rolando C (2011) Two-dimensional FT-ICR/MS with IRMPD as fragmentation mode. International Journal of Mass Spectrometry … Read more