Miniaturisation pour la Synthèse, l’Analyse et la Protéomique (MSAP) UAR 3290

Institutional Contracts

Institutional contracts on international public funding

1er january 2018- 31 december 2021 : EU_FT-ICR_MS
The objective of the EU_FT-ICR proposal is to establish a European network of FT-ICR (Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance) mass spectrometry center in association with hardware and software development SMEs, a manufacturer and a company advice on setting up a European project in order to respond to the Horizon 2020 call INFRAIA-02-2017 (RIA) integration activities for communities in the process of being set up

1er Janvier 2021 – 31 décembre 2022
The ProtéOsHdF project, “Study of the extinct fauna of the Hauts-de-France region and its evolution through an innovative multidisciplinary approach combining paleontology, high-throughput proteomics and bioinformatics”, directed by Dr Tarek OUESTALI (HALMA – UMR 8164, History, Archeology and Literature of the Ancient Worlds). Call for projects STIMulE device, Partner research component.
Collaboration with laboratories: Dr Fabrice BRAY MSAP USR 3290, Dr Patrick AUGUSTE EEP UMR 8198, Dr Hélène TOUZET BiLille, UMS 2014/US 41.

The PROT_HR_DAT project, “Proteomics and high resolution mass spectrometry for the dating of archaeological and paleontological bones”, directed by Dr Fabrice BRAY from the laboratory. Call for projects “Time: measurements, perceptions, impacts and applications – AAP 2021”
Collaboration with laboratories: Dr Patrick AUGUSTE EEP UMR 8198, Dr Tarek OUESTALI HALMA – UMR 8164.

Juin 2020 – Juin 2021
MSAP team (Miniaturisation pour la Synthèse, l’Analyse & la Protéomique) participate in the project PROTEO-SARS-COV-2 (Proteomics of SARS-CoV-2) headed by Dr Julia Chamot-Rooke, Institut Pasteur de Paris

2018 – Project Scléro-Prot in collaboration with the CHR of Lille resulting from a call for projects launched by the Society for the Acceleration of the Transfer of technology (Satt Nord) and the Rare Disease Foundation

Contracts with industrial partners

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