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EU FT-ICR short courses #10 & #11

Last week, the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory from Université de Liège hosted the Short Course #10. The event was immediately followed by Short Course #11 hosted by Université de Lille.

Short Course #10 was held in Liège (Belgium) from 21st to 23rd November and was focused on theoretical aspects of mass spectrometry imaging (matrix assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry imaging, MALDI MSI, and other MSI techniques, instrumentation, and applications.
The practical sections of the training included tissue section of mouse brains, preparation of thin layer chromatography (TLC) of lipids, and handling of bacterial co-cultures chemically interacting in agar.
The short course also included matrix deposition using an automated sprayer (SunChrom SunCollect), and the MALDI MSI of the various samples using the Bruker dual source ESI/MALDI FT-ICR 9,4T fitted with the paracell, the solariX xR.
Finally, a short introduction about the use of Python for data sciences was discussed.

Short Course #11 took place in Lille (France) from 23rd to 26th November,  and was focused on the identification of natural products preserved over the centuries which are very often polymeric. The short course began with brief theoretical courses covering an overview of Mass Spectrometry applied to Cultural Heritage,
the principle of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (FT-ICR MS), the concept of fine isotopic structure as well as the basis of proteomics, glycomics and lipidomics.
The practical sections of the training comprised examples from these various topics.
The short course was carried out using Bruker solariX xR ESI/MALDI FT-ICR 9. 4 Tesla fitted with a harmonized cell, Q-Exactive+ Orbitrap fitted with a nanoLC U3000 RSLC and on a server running commercial and homemade software.

Public presentations related to these Short Course events will be available soon! Stay alert!

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