Miniaturisation pour la Synthèse, l’Analyse et la Protéomique (MSAP) UAR 3290

PhD position available in MSAP/CASECO

Title: Miniaturization of homogeneous organometallic catalysis processes in fluidic reactors under thermal or electrochemical activation for energy intensification and decarbonation.

Supervisors: Dr. Laetitia Chausset-Boissarie (50%) Prof. Mathieu Sauthier (50%)
Place: MSAP USR 3290 and CASECO UCCS UMR 8181
Université de Lille, cite
scientifique Avenue Paul Langevin 59650 Villeneuve d’Ascq (France)

Overview of the research project:
This thesis project is proposed in joint collaboration between the CASECO team (UCCS, UMR CNRS 8181, University of Lille, Pr. Mathieu SAUTHIER) and the MSAP team (USR CNRS 3290, University of Lille, Dr. Laetitia CHAUSSET-BOISSARIE) to develop different homogeneous catalysis processes into micro-millifluidic reactors under unconventional reaction conditions. Indeed, this work will combine (i) homogeneous catalysis by Nickel or Ruthenium for allylation reactions of different substrates and (ii) flow chemistry under thermal or electrochemical activation for the reduction of the energy consumption of organic chemistry processes. In addition, the combination of the two approaches will make it possible to further improve the reaction conditions (increased reaction rate, increased selectivity, reduction in consumption energy, increased process safety) to develop efficient methodologies to limit the environmental footprint of these processes.

Scientific and general skills that will be acquired by the PhD student:
– Organic synthesis
– Analysis of the prepared compounds (NMR, GC-MS, IR, etc.)
– Bibliography, presentation of results, team work

Selection criteria:
Skills and interest in organic synthesis and in standard characterization tools (at least a five-
month training period), interest for organometallics will be an advantage but is not mandatory,
background in organic chemistry

– Detailed CV and Motivation letter (10 lines in the email)
– Names and emails of two contacts (for recommendations)
– Transcripts of marks for Master 1 or 2nd year of Engineer School
– When possible, transcripts of marks for the 1st semester of M2
– An interview will be planned for the candidates best fulfilling the criteria

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